JPL 100 Review – this entry-level office headset is affordable. Is it right for your business?

JPL100 Monaural Headset Review

The JPL 100 office headset is an entry level yet comfortable design which is marketed towards for the regular phone users and businesses such as call centres. This particular model features features Acoustic Shock Protection to protect the user’s hearing, and comes with a quick disconnect lead which allows the user to quickly disconnect the headset and move away from their desk without removing the headset (this effectively puts the caller on hold).

JPL 100 Review – Key Features

  • Monaural design (one ear piece)
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Built-in acoustic shock protection
  • Comfortable
  • Quick disconnect

Why Choose Monaural Headsets Like the JPL 100

The cost efficient, high quality headset from JPL…

Monaural headsets only have one earpiece, and are an alternative to the binaural headsets which cover both ears. The main advantage of covering one ear is that it works very well for a busy workplace. Imagine you are talking on the phone, one ear is covered where you receive the sound of the other person’s voice. The other ear being uncovered means the user can hold conversations with people in their immediate vicinity while maintaining their headset conversation.

Monaural headsets such as JPL 100 have the microphone attached to the earpiece. Another major advantage is that monaural headsets are lighter and better for long hours on the phone.

Monaural headsets have distinct advantages for busy workplaces, and can often be found in call centres and offices. Users can take a call, liaise with colleagues and advising trainees whilst staying connected.

JPL 100 Monaural Headset Competitors

This is quite a basic-end and cost effective option, and there are a number of competitors around.

The JPL 501, for example, offers a slightly higher spec version with the same noise cancellation technology and built-in shock protection, which is on the market for a slightly higher price.

If you’re looking for cheaper, ProTelX make a similarly cost effective, noise cancelling, lightweight monaural headset known as the PTX-102, which has been highly recommended by leading telecoms company, PMC Telecom.

The same company offers a PTX 101 for medium office use, but comes without noise cancellation as it is of the voice tube variants.

The Plantronics HW251N is also a very popular option, and eliminates up to 75% of background noise. It’s slightly more expensive than the JPL 100, so perhaps JPL is better for buying in bulk for your business. Overall, it offers a great balance between quality and cost effectiveness.

Of course, there is always the JPL 100 binaural alternative if you would prefer to have both ears covered. The JPL 100 binaural office headset is a comfortable headset for the regular phone users, the headset features Acoustic Shock Protection to protect the user’s hearing and a quick disconnect lead which allows the user to quickly disconnect the headset and move away from their desk without removing the headset (this effectively puts the caller on hold).

PMC Telecom£24.95


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