There is an old pub near where I live. They still have all of the old advertisements from back when smoking was being advertised, among other advertisements from way back when.

I always look at the 60s/70s style pin up girls and colourful imagery and wonder why this type of advertising is dead.

Then one day along came the Fallout games. They are based in the future, but have the old style advertising, so cool.

(Credit deviantart, User MarkuzR, Could not contact author easily, but thank you MarkuzR, please contact us if you see this! 🙂 )

Today I got an email from a gentleman at he saw some of our Retro posts and sent us these absolute gems and asked if we would share, take a look:

If Bitcoin Started In The 50s… 

If Tesla came out before Ford

If Space X Had Won The Space Race a few years earlier…

We hope you liked these images as much as we did. Thanks to for sending them in, all credit goes to them.