Selling old office equipment has never been easier…

Your old office equipment is valuable to re-sellers, let them boost your bank account in the run up to Christmas 2017…

Office clutter grows like a fungus when left unattended – old and broken telecoms equipment, dated old office telephones which have been left in a cupboard to gather dust. There’s a sense of value to them that stops you throwing them in the bin. That value, as it happens, may be higher than you think, and selling old office equipment is a goldmine for your business…

The end of the year is a likely time to start thinking about clear-outs, but here’s some more food for thought; you can sell all of the dusty old items to a re-seller and get a huge cash boost just in time for Christmas. Manchester company PMC Telecom does just that – they’ll buy your old equipment from you and send you a payment for the trouble. It’s worth finding a good re-seller who will sort this for you, but of course, always call them and get a quote first.

Sell Old Office Headsets and Call Centre Headsets

It’s not unusual for your business to have old or broken office headsets lying around. Selling them to a reseller is a fantastic way to clear out the office, make space, and make some cash in time for the festive season, as well as being environmentally friendly.

Additionally, new headsets can be a costly purchase – you’ll find those companies who are willing to buy them for you are also willing to take them in for repairs should you require. It’s worth shopping around too, as most companies will give you a quote over the phone.

Selling old office equipment? Swap Conference Phones for Cash

sell office equipment

Wasted equipment is unfortunately all too common, especially when it comes to things like old conference phones. You might get lucky enough to find a re-seller who full provide a full buybacks or repairs service, giving you money towards planned upgrades or just cash in your pocket for future purchases.

Sell Old Phone Systems to a Trusted Reseller

Sell old office equipment

Office phone systems have changed a lot in the last decade, especially with the introduction of Hosted VoIP systems and the use of internet software. If you’ve been in business for a few years, you’ll probably have upgraded systems and older models stashed away on a shelf. The great thing about this is, your old office equipment is valuable to re-sellers, and if they are happy to give you money for unwanted items, everyone’s a winner.


Old office equipment is bought from you by companies which see value in them


The same companies tend of offer repairs to save on having to buy brand new
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